Taste Visualization

 The Taste Visualization of Aissy Laboratory is the taste analysis system that interprets taste into scientific statistic by Taste analysis machine and computer software. Aissy Taste Visualization has four significant points. Taste Analysis Machine The Taste analysis machine can quantify taste by replicating the human gustatory system and determine taste preferences. The machine and software work as human tongue and brain to use chemical sensors to detect taste and analytical software to generate quantitative data. High accuracy taste analysis The machine has the system that can analyze taste with high degree of accuracy with average relative error of predicting overall taste which gives more precise data. The system includes gustatory illusions prediction that takes “gustatory illusions” into consideration. Taste Interaction This system can analyze the direct effect that one taste has on another. System software will generate the effects of adding one taste into another taste in graph and quantitative data. High degree of precise quantitative data The system can detect micro quantitative data which shows the difference of taste. For example, the machine can detect that aged beef has 0.28 more umami than un-aged beef. Research proves that the sales of beef with taste data have sales value three times greater than beef without taste data.